What is your story? Where do you find your journey beginning?

I am 41 year old stay at home Mama and wife turned blogger set out to share my story about living the last 12 years with Multiple Sclerosis.

Are you looking for inspiration? Are you wondering if your life is making a measurable impact on those around you? If today was all you had…are you going to leave a mark on this life you lived?

I have a story. My brain has acted like an ongoing notebook, where each day of my life for the last several years it seems I mentally make a daily entry. There is nothing that sets me apart I feel from anyone. I simply want to impact just one person in a positive way. I wear a lot of hats in my day to day living life with an incurable, unpredictable disease. I have come to realize that through all of it…it seems now that I started truly living life when I got diagnosed with Relapse Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in November of 2009.

However, it’s been a love/hate relationship with my disease that only in recent years has turned into my biggest strength. My hope is that this blog encourages you to try harder, aim higher, be braver, question everything, push yourself, dig deeper, fight through the battle in your life you are facing, be inspired and most of all find your passion in life through it.

What are you waiting for? There is no one right time to dive deep within yourself and find out all that makes you who you are. If anything the year that was 2020 has taught us, its that connection with others is priceless. We need that human connection. We need to feel we are apart of the bigger picture. We learned the hardest way last year and currently that life is just really a moment in time. We are perishable. And it also forced us to wonder what next?! What I do know is that what has helped me in my life the most deal with living with a disease for which there is no CURE is my faith. I am Christian. No denomination. And a follower of Jesus.

How does your spiritual life impact you? Whether it is faith in the Lord Jesus Christ or you find your devotion or inspiration in many different ways…I feel everyone can agree we need something to help us navigate and deal with our own lives. My journey is one that has had many ups and down with my faith. I am not seeking out for you to come around to may way of thinking. I just want you to think. Period. I will share of how my faith in Jesus has molded my journey with living with my MS. But I didn’t start there in the beginning of my journey with chronic illness. I have a past. We all do. It was riddled for me searching for anything that could explain or help me to cope with all the various symptoms I was living with until I came to a diagnosis. So in sharing how my faith has become my strength to push through my disease day to day….this blog will be filled with many other things as well in some forms of tools I used and strategies. And my HOPE is that something I may say will cause you to look within. Maybe you are struggling as a fellow MSer? Maybe you are facing mental health issues, problems with your family at home, searching for more in your life, battling cancer etc. Whatever it is, your path is no less important than my own. You MATTER. You have something to say as well. There is a person whose life you will impact.

If you would, please journey with me and follow along. I am glad to meet you. Have a cup of coffee….tea….whatever and sit down, stay awhile and join me on here. Welcome to my blog.

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