When did we stop coloring? When was the last time you picked up a crayon and colored a page in a coloring book? Last night, my daughter asked me to color with her before bed. I enjoyed the simplicity of it all. I had no idea what colors I wanted to use when I startedContinue reading “Perspective”

Life and Loss

It’s been a while since I have written. I find for me that writing comes when I am moved to do so. Maybe it’s by circumstance or a sudden memory pops into my head, but I truly wait for it down deep in my soul and then I sit down and just start moving myContinue reading “Life and Loss”

Number 8

As I finally am now resting in my bed and home from the hospital where today I received my Ocrevus infusion (Number 8), I find myself ready to take the leap. Maybe it’s a leap of faith. It does, however, feel extremely scary. I compare it to the song from the movie, Frozen 2, “IntoContinue reading “Number 8”

Welcome to My Blog

I am currently learning how to set my blog up. Be patient with me. I have started to add as I go. This is a blog for everyone. I hope that it inspires you and encourages you to find your own story. It is a blog about living my life with Multiple Sclerosis and allContinue reading “Welcome to My Blog”

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