The Covid Chronicle Part 3

*Last Entry; only 4 days recorded in my journal, and it remained unfinished. Day 1 “What If” Why do we plague ourselves with this simple phrase and question of, “What If?” It is like self-inflicted torture for me. As an overthinker, it is the worst question to ask. It immediately feels like a file cabinetContinue reading “The Covid Chronicle Part 3”

“We are builders of our own imagination”

I have many chats in the car with my daughter, but the one I had this past week was especially thought provoking for me. She said, “We are builders of our own imagination.” I never imagined my life years ago would we where it has taken me today. I remember the day that my thenContinue reading ““We are builders of our own imagination””

How I incorporate self care into my life

The above pictures are just a few things that are part of my self care routine. Let me explain… The following is a list of how I, SELF CARE: Journaling: I love to journal. I have several journals (pictured above). One of my most favorites is my gratitude journal. I like to shop at TargetContinue reading “How I incorporate self care into my life”